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about this portal

This portal is part of Skynet, a file sharing network running on top of Sia. Files uploaded to this portal are available to download from any other portal on the Sia network.

Files uploaded to a portal are "pinned" by that portal. As long as a file is pinned it will be accessible through all portals on the network. A portal can choose to unpin a file any time, if a file is not pinned it will eventually be removed from the network. Pinning files costs money for the portal operator, so files can't stay around forever. Uploading a file to multiple portals should help keep it online for a long time as the file will only be lost after the last portal unpins it.

Warning: Files uploaded to Skynet are not private nor encrypted. Do not upload personal content that not everyone is allowed to see. Every web page hosted on Skynet can also see eachother's cookies and local storage. Which means that the upload history above can easily be phished. If you would not like to leak your upload history use the "clear upload history" button.

The software for this portal was developed by Fornaxian Technologies, the company behind the file sharing website pixeldrain. The Fornaxian portal software is open source and can be run by anyone, get it here. Portals need Siacoins to upload, download and maintain files. Fornaxian runs this portal as a charity, we don't earn anything from it. If you would like to help the network please send a donation to this Siacoin address. Your contribution will be greatly appreciated.


Other known portals are: